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ChonkySeal 2

My take on a funny ID that I haven't seen much. I'm open to suggestions on improvements and changes.

ICE Suite: Obviously, we want to try to make as much use out of our ID ability as possible, so we've chosen as many ice as reasonably possible that force the runner to pay taxes. I've gone with a mix of ICE that force/encourage the runner to pay credits alongside some other staples (Hydra, Border Control).

I've chosen Border Control as the only barrier as the alternatives are simply too easy to break (Wraparound/Ping) or too expensive (Endless EULA) to bother. The extra slots have been converted to Mestnichesto, as another (admittedly very telegraphed) means of taxing runs.

Jinja City Grid: Stacking lots of taxing ice makes a lot of sense here, and huge stacks of ice in a remote or key central can help convert our cheap, taxing ice into difficult-to-run servers, especially when reinforced by cheaply-installed Border Controls and Rimes. It also represents a "must-trash" upgrade, that can easily force the runner to waste 5 credits early game if they manage to access it.

Holo-man: You need someway to score out, and you should have enough credits to score out repeatedly with this - especially if you are scoring Bellona.

Any criticism or suggestions are much appreciated. I plan to take this to a few upcoming COs in the UK and see how it performs :)