[SOCR4] Revengeance Reina

mbzrl 144

This is the runner deck I used in the fourth Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament, piloted to a final record of 2-3. The money ended up being great, but I had a hard time getting the correct breakers. The Clan Vengeance plan was just okay, but there was one game where it trashed a blowout 4 agendas from CI! Good thing there are so few ways to rescue agendas from archives in Cache Refresh.

I think you want 2-3 Aumakua instead of Levy. I was expecting to face more Jinteki and I was worried about decking since I'm also doing damage to myself, but without PU you really shouldn't sweat that.

Most importantly, I'm having a blast in the CR tournaments! It's fun to deckbuild in a limited environment, since no one has 45 good cards to choose. If you're reading this you should definitely enter the next one.

Thanks to FightingWalloon for running them, and thanks to my opponents for the games!