Compilation Hayley Mk3 (1st, Sydney Regional, 15/9/2019)

RJorb 194

Props to @TugtetguT and @mcbeast for this excellent deck, which went 3-1 over the course of this 14-person Regional (which used MWL 3.4 and the Uprising booster pack).

The deck uses the highly effective Hayley, Aesop and ProCo shell, along with Stargate, efficient breakers, and Brahman to recur Lady, Cy-Cy and D4v1d. Compile was great, providing additional tutoring against early rush and doubling as recursion in the late game. Stargate was also amazing, putting immense pressure on the Corp as soon as it hit the table and being the main source of steals.

My only change to @mcbeast's version was to replace the third Paricia with a single Freedom Through Equality. Together with Stargate, FTE is extremely helpful for closing out games, particularly against decks running mostly 5/3 agendas. The third Paricia also felt like a safe cut, given the hit to Gagarin in MWL 3.4.

SWISS: Lost to Jinja Sportsmetal, beat Blue Sun, beat Titan, and ID'd the fourth round.

CUT: Beat La Costa AgInf.

The opening in the cut game against AgInf was pretty awesome. @inactivist iced up a remote with Rashida and threw down a Scarcity on turn one, so I responded with SMC/Cache, Stimhack into open HQ to tutor Stargate, Stargate into R&D to find a Nisei, and steal to clear the Scarcity (phew!). The rest of the game was fast and intense, but the deck kept up enough steam to Stargate through a couple of ice on R&D a handful of times and eventually win with another Nisei, FTE and GFI.

16 Sep 2019 LockeGL

Congratulations again Jorb! Probably for the best that I didn't have to play against this.