[SOCR4] Africa, Moon, Mars, and Beyond

mbzrl 144

This is the corp deck I used for the fourth Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. I ended the tournament with a record of 3-2; I would mention that both losses were on game point, but every game you score an agenda puts you on game point with GT.

The functional part of my gameplan was to force my opponents through high strength barriers to capitalize on the lack of Paperclip. The rest of the deck is just because I wanted to try out a bunch of Weyland cards. Wake Up Call was much stronger than I expected it to be. Naked Illegal Arms Factory is not very good, but protecting it until I draw an agenda was good. Urban Renewal had some fun decision points, and occasionally did value meat damage. I never once hosted Government Takeover on Glenn Station, but I did have Clyde Van Rite running for a total of 14 turns over the course of the tournament, so that's nice.

I think if you play a deck with Government Takeover in it, you already know how your games are going to end. All three of my wins came from scoring Government Takeover. Biotic RPC from Atlas counters, then NA RPC behind Fire Wall->Asteroid Belt, then NA RPC on the table. Both of my losses ended with stealing Government Takeover from R&D. Indexing on 6 points, and then single accessed with 5 cards left in R&D (I think 4 agendas, he definitely had the W).

Most importantly, I'm having a blast in the CR tournaments! It's fun to deckbuild in a limited environment, since no one has 49 good cards to choose. If you're reading this you should definitely enter the next one.

Thanks to FightingWalloon for running them, and thanks to my opponents for the games!