Worlds Test Deck (Worlds Top 8)

Cerberus 4862

This deck isn't that exciting, you'll have seen it before mostly. However there was a very specific reason that I played this deck. In the lead up to Worlds I wasn't set on decks and therefore was testing against what I thought would be the popular decks, CTM being an obvious one. I like to play off meta decks generally, but all of the decks that I played had a lower win rate than a CTM list that my testing partner (CacothesVictor) put together to have a good match up against Temujin Whizzard. I went into the Worlds weekend wanting to play something else but being more confidant in this list than anything else, therefore I played this.

This list is good against Temujin Whizzard simply because of its early game ability to rush, the ice has been mixed up to include Wraparound and Enigma, meaning that Parasite is not able to kill off the ice in the same turn in most cases, allowing for key agendas such as Breaking News and Astro to be scored. In fact this deck won all of its games apart from against a single deck, it lost to Hate Bear three times. You may not like it, but this is one of the best decks around.

8 Nov 2016 Cacoethesvictor

You're welcome!