NANPC Toronto Lat 3rd place

sruman 132


Lat was lackluster on the day ( that's being generous to my Shaper buddy) with 1 win, 4 losses, and a tie across the swiss and cut. Although my A-treia carried the day, I still have faith in this deck as a solid Tier 1.5 that has solid across the board matchups. The losses were influenced heavily by 1) my stupidity; 2) SMCs being very deep in the deck. You can see example of (1) on Stream embarassingly (but a good lesson for me) -- dying to a turn 2 Saisentan hit because I greedily I needed to use the 6-trickshot-credits somehow. I think an SMC example was also streamed in the cut where I had 30+ credits but was about 60% through my deck and still digging hard for an SMC.

Potential Changes

I don't think I will change much about the deck. Burner was very underwhelming on the day (I played it 1 time and mostly threw it away when digging for other cards) so I'll probably cut back to 1 or 0 of them. Bravado is an extravagant influence spend that may need to be exchanged for clot. Warning! You will be tempted to think about prepraid voice pad over daily casts. Do not do it. 3 DC's are much more consistent. Ashen Epilogue is also another tempation but games are generally over too soon for it to be viable especially since you have recursion in DJ Fenris.