Criminals are shapers now? (1st of 12 @ Linköping Regional)

mcbeast 1018

After a break from Netrunner I came back and got this deck in my hands. After playing a couple of games I realized that criminals suddenly was really REALLY good at drawing/filtering cards and my reaction was like


So it's the same-ish deck that's been around that percomis took to Euros, but this time I cut an Blueberry for a No One Home because of Hard-Hitting News and net-damage bullshit that people here in Sweden love. NOH could be switched for something else like Feedback Filter (if PE is prevalent in your meta) or RDI. Maybe.

I didn't perform so well with Leela during the regionals, but with some luck I managed to get in to Top 4 and bounce my way to victory. Also I had a really hard losing streak during my training the days before (like 5 wins 20 losses or something like that) but I wasn't able to switch deck before the tournament. What carried me was the Gagarin I brought with me.

Games during the day

Game 1: Gagarin. My identical twin Peder (kollapse) played the same Leela and the same Gagarin as me, so we murdered each other.

Game 2: Azmari. So TugtetguT said to me before the tournament that this deck plays just like shapers before: do nothing, build your rig, gain money and when you're ready, you attack. Which is basically what I did: build rig, remove Scarcity with Corporate "Grant" and tick away their money. Eventually I managed to win the match.

Game 3: PE. WHERE DID ALL MY CARDS GO oh I'm dead gg.

Game 4: Titan. I'm gonna install one card and you now got three Project Atlas and a token oh well gg.

Game 5: Fast Advance NEH. I didn't play the matchup well and lost. You can see the game here (timestamp: 5:44:30).

Game 6: Azmari. I sat back, did nothing, got money and then started to check stuff. Got the corp locked and I won. You can see the game here (timestamp: 6:07:57).

Game 7: Fast Advance NEH again. Good start, got the corps econ locked. I did some mistakes (should have checked all cards in HQ then just go check R&D each turn), but man I was fatigued (didn't sleep well and long drive and day). Eventually I won, but it was a close game. You can see the game here (timestamp: 7:11:03).

So all in all

I think the deck is really strong, and I didn't play it as well as it can perform, but I did well enough to win. gejben played a similar Leela but with Earthrise Hotel, Maker's Eye and John Masanori, which I think may be a stronger deck overall (maybe, don't take my word for it).

A big thank you to everyone in Linköping, TugtetguT for his mentoring and great advices on how to improve my game and everyone else.