Broken cards whizz- 1st place Swansea Regional

timfast 336

Going into Swansea I was pretty certain I wanted to go back to some kind of reg anarch having been on daft shaper for a while. Moose is an incredible card in all factions, but really shines in anarch given you can get so many cards into the heap with peddlers and inject. Critically, it also gives you an influence free econ package so you can afford a variety of busted cards. My testing team had been running desperado whizz, and probably i should have taken that as well. But i knew a few people were taking glaciers or trick of light decks, and I'd heard rumours that the Mordor meta had cooked up an unbeatable Agg Infusion deck so I went with sifr-parasite.

In the end I'd made a terrible meta call as most of the field was on Moons but then I got lucky and played against glaciers and Agg most of the day. With plascrete and sifr this deck is also pretty strong vs Sync, which is a horrible Achilles heel for most Reg Whizz.

7 Aug 2017 Dazzler

how is money in this deck ? How do you square off against moon ? I think one archive interface would help.