Nasty Yoghurt Shops (22nd Dutch Nationals)

Menghini 37

This deck went 2-3 in the Dutch Nationals. Thanks to this deck:

The deck was fun to play, but I only beat a Maxx and a Hayley. I must add that two losses had many of my agenda's or assets almost at the bottom of the deck. The deck did hold on during the late game after 1 or 2 Levies from Maxx.

I added a Junebug and Snare in place of an economic warfare, but I think that didn't work. I put it in there to hurt the runner and give me another scoring window, but during the tournament I believe I could only fire the Snare once and I didn't because I needed the credits elsewhere.

I think I can use Spark better than I did during the tournament, so maybe some next tournament I will refine and adjust the deck. :)