[Startup] Ayla's Motorcycle 3-1-0 Austin Circuit Opener

Paillu 3

The now familiar motorcycle dive archetype with Ayla at the helm. It felt very strong and went undefeated at the Austin Circuit Opener except for the one game that tied due to hitting time. Ayla's ability goes a long way towards extremely consistent access to the Swift-Dive combo which is all we really want from the deck. Pulling out a Deep Dive on click 4 of a 5-click turn from your Ayla cards after already setting up the condition is often just as good and occasionally better than a 2-click dive because it also protects it from random damage.

My priority for set-aside cards was: 1. Swift/Deep Dive (Both if possible). Making sure that the other Swift isn't dug out in turns 1-2 before spending the click to grab it, but that also depends on what else is in hand. Can be good to pull it right away. 2. Emergency cards (Harmony and Test Run). Not really live in a lot of games, better to have them set aside just in case and keep live draws in the deck. 3. Dirty Laundry. It's also click compression (doubly so with Swift) and that makes it more appealing to click to grab than other econ options. 4. Maker's eye. I normally don't play it on a dive turn, so can spare the click, and it's semi-situational in very early turns. 5. Other econ/draw options in roughly equal quantity.

I'd probably cut Earthrise for a 3rd VRcation if I ran it again, but probably no more Startup events before rotation. Goodbye Swift, I love you.