Itchy Index Finger - Antwerpen Q1 2019 GNK - 1st Place

manicmoleman 496

This deck is pretty heavily inspired by this deck, but with a few updates.

The econ denial in this deck can make it horrible to play against. Between 419's ability, Corporate Grant, and Amina the 'drip' denial can be up to 2 credits a turn, and that's before Diversion of Funds. There is also the soft econ denial of being able to faceplant with impunity once Security Nexus is installed.

The econ of this deck is a mixture of slow (Daily Casts, Crowdfunding, Professional Contacts) and burst (Hot Pursuit, Rogue Trading), with the latter being particularly useful for recovering from a Security Nexus or Amina install.

Some play tips:

i) As with any Crowdfunding deck, you want to try and make sure you have the money to make three runs the turn they run out.

ii) Mulligan for at least one of Professional Contacts, Citadel Sanctuary, or Aumakua. A fantastic opener is install Citadel, install Rogue Trading, use Rogue Trading, but Career Fair-ing out a Professional Contacts and using it is also good.

iii) Don't worry too much about being slightly below the Corp's credit pool when triggering Citadel Sanctuary early in the game. If they want to burn all their money to trash Citadel, let them! The caveat to this is if they're able to trash Professional Contacts or a Turning Wheel with counters.

iv) Making the Corp poor solves so many problems, so time your Diversion of Funds for maximal impact and host SSLs on Film Critic when you can.

v) To build Turning Wheel tokens and make money, run R&D or HQ and use Security Nexus, fail the trace, then remove the tag with Citadel, triggering your Power Taps twice.

My games on the day were as follows, 3 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw:

Argus - Alex - Win

I don't think this was an enjoyable game for my opponent. I found a Citadel reasonably early and made a ridiculous amount of money quite quickly, nullifying the kill plan.

Blue Sun - Pieter - Loss

This felt like a reasonably close game, but I got greedy. I used Diversion of Funds to get Pieter below 12 credits and ran R&D, knowing there was a Chiyashi there. Unfortunately he rezzed and used an NGO, giving him the money to rez Chiyashi and flatline me!

Blue Sun - Thomas - Draw

Thomas was able to set up a Jinja remote first turn, and rushed to 5 points. Time was called so I ran R&D using all my Turning Wheel counters and stealing 5 points. I then ran HQ twice, missing the Atlas in there. Fortunately Thomas had no way of scoring the Atlas on his turn, so we drew.

Mti - Brian - Win

This game was made a lot more difficult by me losing a Na'Not'K early to Anansi net damage when I thought Security Nexus could save me! Thankfully Brian didn't see a Nisei early, scoring a Future Perfect and SSL. I kept pressuring R&D and kept him low on credits, stealing 6 points. Brian used Fast Track to fetch the last Nisei and jam it in an Anansi, IP Block, Border Control server, but I was thankfully able to get in, taking the Anansi net damage and letting the IP Block trace fire for Power Tab credits.

Top 3

Blue Sun - Pieter - Win

This was a rough game for Pieter. I managed to get Rogue Trading and Citadel in my opening hand if I recall. With me having no breakers installed, Pieter revealed an Atlas in the remote. I dropped a Security Nexus and he went broke paying into the Nexus trace and scoring the Atlas. Once that happened I just hit R&D and was able to win before Pieter recovered.