Dashcam Hayley

omnijeff 524

Why steal four agendas when you can win off of two to three?


Its a tried and true archetype with a new catchy name and a new fancy card. It went out of favor because it's got a hard CTM match up -- still does. But if you want to terrorize your fellow players with gaudy displays of wealth and minimal amounts of steals, this is your deck.

28 Feb 2017 haywire

How about Indexing R&D Interface and Comet?

Click1: Indexing --> Sort the Agendas up

Comet-Event: "Freedom Through Equality"

Click 2: Mad Dash --> Win 7 Points!

Click 3: Party! XD

1 Mar 2017 Dissinger

Glad to see someone else thought up putting it in panopticon Haley. Let me know how it does in Testing. I can imagine you might have a little more leeway.

5 Mar 2017 BizTheDad

Ugh... I really like it but so much clicking for credits early.