Breaking Doors (Cache Refresh 1st Place)

Kelfecil 1806

1st place undefeated on the 2nd day Cache Refresh event of the Tabletop Kingdom Regionals event.

Link to the event standings on

Very much like the famous Door to Door Making News deck. I took a really long time trying to build various Cache Refresh decks and it eventually came down to this. I playtested this quite a bit and it actually did pretty fine even against decks that played the full card pool. Aaron Marron can be an issue, but early Hard-Hitting News or Door to Door can be so painful.

I played this against Smoke, Edward Kim, Steve Cambridge and a couple others.

Even the ones with link had issues. The Kim player actually had Magnum Opus but still found it difficult to keep up with the tax.

Note: I tested the deck for about 10 games on the week before the event.

Link to my Runner Deck.

23 May 2017 Saan

We had someone playing a similar deck in the Cache tournament in Seattle. I think the best thing I saw as I watched some games was a turn 1 Door to Door on the corp side responded with a turn 1 Citadel Sanctuary on the runner's side. Their board states just cancelled each other's out =P

24 May 2017 el-zilcho

Were you using Media Blitz to copy PSF? Last I checked, that doesn't work. Media Blitz gains the PSF text, but can never gain PSF's click ability.

24 May 2017 Kelfecil

~Kwyjibo; For real? Well, thankfully, as far as I remember, I managed to score the PSF in 2 games where I used it and always ended up trashing the Media Blitz because I could just do other things to close the game.

I looked up a reddit thread on that and people seem to be very uncertain about it, but I will look further into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

28 May 2017 SpaceHonk

Really nothing to be uncertain about, it's explained on page 9 of the FAQ.

28 May 2017 Kelfecil

~SpaceHonk; Thanks, found it! In that case then, the Media Blitz can definitely be replaced by another MCA or another IP Block.