Geist in the shell

ANRguybrush 128

This deck is actually quite good, so I decided to publish it.

Temüjin Contract is a gamebreaker and completly negates the early game weakness of tech trader based economy. Temüjin also allows us to run HQ/R&D very often without suffering a big tempo loss.

Sneakdoor is a good surprise, especially if you have it on peddler.

Gordian Blade can be zu.13, which would allow us to have MU for all your breakers plus Sneakdoor. I'd like to have a Utopia shard or Turning wheel here, but this deck is already on 46 cards. Iniatially I played film critic, but it doesn't do much in the current meta.

Concerning the lack of Account Siphon, the deck is probably better without it. I want to run HQ and legwork often and playing Siphon will force the corp to put more ice on HQ. Freedom for Equality usually allows us to finish the game quickly, so there is no reason to play econ denial if you can just win.

Favored matchups:

Any kind of kill deck. Three sports hopper and a ton of cards that allow you to draw on the corps turn make you impossible to kill.

Glacier :

Camp remotes, disarm upgrades with PolOp and snipe their Agendas.

Unfavored matchups:

I have to play more against CTM, but it's pretty tough to beat if you don't draw your temüjins early. High-strength codegates like tollbooth are also a pain.

Russian NEH:

If they play it smart, your spycams are useless. They can hide assembly lines and jacksons and put fresh cards on top. Little Engine is tough if you can't find your gordian. They are always flooded though, so just abuse temüjin and run centrals like a madman.

26 Sep 2016 lovelystuff

I love siphon in geist. forger, decoy and networking make it so much better. Forger and decoy are also great defense against breaking News and 24/7 News cycle shenanigans. Don't you miss decoy or have you just not been playing against nbn tag decks? Sounds like a great time :)