Hyoubu Lockdown #10

Kubik161 40

Few months ago, I have tried to build Hyoubu deck. And I have discovered same thing as everyone else. Palana does everything better. So currently I'm playing this deck with Palana (and with few minor changes), but for lockdown tournament, I went back to original idea and used Hyoubu as ID.

How to play:

  1. make few credit remotes. Sundew protected by Engram Flush, Public Health Portal protected by Chetana, etc.
  2. make one big scoring remote. Chiyashi, Anansi, Konjin.
  3. score from this remote. 2x 5/3 and then either Philotic or Gene Splicer for last point.
  4. runner steals from remote. You kill them with Punitive Counterstrike, because they just payed a lot of credits for that steal. If that steal was Bacterial Programming, you can also look into top 7 cards for second Punitive or Archived Memories.

You trigger Hyoubu ID effect on your turn by Public Health Portal and sometimes on runner turn by Engram Flush. Batty is great on your scoring remote, forcing ETR. Or if your PSI game is strong, you can double PSI for Chetana second sub.

It has some weaknesses:

  1. Your centrals are generally not well protected. Unless you play against Criminal (with DoF), your first ice should go to remote to protect your credit asset. So your centrals will stay open for one or two turns. Then you want to protect HQ. You have only 7 agendas in whole deck, so open R&D for few extra turns should not be big problem. Future Perfect also protects itself, and with Hyoubu Research Facility it is even for free. And if runner steals Bacterial early and you are not able to kill him, you can at least reorder your R&D and have up to 6 safe turns.
  2. Second weakness is asset trashing, especially Miss Bones. I haven't tried Malia yet, but I should probably include it.

Non-lockdown Palana version plays Obokata Protocol with Data Loops instead of Bacterial, Drafter and Tyr. Combined with Genetics Pavilion, Obokata steal almost guarantee Punitive kill. And Personalized Portal to trigger Palana on corp turn for even more credits.