Good News* Leela v2 (3rd @ Manchester)

mcg 943

good news

I've found a deck that ~will~ can beat Gagarin* while having game against other decks. It's certainly not easy, and if they get the nuts draw you can forget about it, but in three games at the Manchester Regional it won two, and was in a strong position when time ran out in the third (resulting in a draw).

Your key pieces are Misdirection and Miss Bones. You want to get them installed as soon as possible. Until then, you're trying to keep your money up while digging. You don't want to run unless you absolutely have to. When you do, run twice more to get your Crowdfundings back. Don't trash anything apart from Judge, Urban Renewal and Bio-ethics (unless you have complete econ control). Yes I did just say leave Bankers on the table. All the money in the world doesn't help them if they can't land a tag. If you've survived this long, then with Paragon, Sec Testing and Crowdfunding you'll be on drip 6, and can start dismantling their board state and/or finding some agendas.

The No One Home was there to try and discourage any early tagging, but never got used. The corp is usually too rich or you too poor to make a difference. It would probably be better as an Embezzle or a third Blueberry. I flip-flopped on Datasucker vs. Rezeki. I chose to keep Sucker for the non-Gagarin match ups (which turned out to be Titan, where it also wasn't needed), so that could change as well.

I hope this convinces you the sky isn't falling because of Gagarin. Enjoy*.

*Until Crowdfunding gets banned on Friday.