Argus Lockdown

pingo95412 3

This is an attempt to make use of the rarely seen Argus Crackdown. The idea is to score the first two 3/2 agendas with gear-checking ICE or Audacity FA, and then force the runner to run whatever you throw into the scoring server under the Argus Crackdown.

Vulnerability Audit allows a turn of "Install>Advance>Argus Crackdown" and threatens a score next turn. It is similar to the Yellow Tape Pravdivost Decks but unlike NAPD Cordon, you could put Traps like NGO Front or Snare! down. The server is also immune to Light the Fire! or Imp.

That said, the economy of this deck is quite tight without spaces for Rashida Jaheem. The dependent on ICE also makes it slower so it sometimes relies on the grinding nature of Builder of Nations to slow the runner down.

I also really want to add the third copy of Priority Construction as it did really well early on to stop Endurance. If there are more influences I probably want to add a Mestnichestvo too.