I just netdecked this Outfit (APAC Continentals 2020)

hurryupharibo 1

I just netdecked @disperse very solid Outfit deck (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/60572/everybody-died-except-for-swiftie-4th-at-blm-). I had tried out Titan FA but my mind quite comprehend the permutations for fast advance combos so I stuck to Outfit Boom in the end.

It did very well (4-1) at APAC Continentals 2020, winning two games by scoring out and two by flatline. The loss was to @Bridgeman Hoshiko tagme deck where I HHN'd him on turn 2 and thought I could get a kill, but he got Paparazzi and then Dummy Box down the subsequent turn and I attempted to trash his Paparazzis to no avail. That match-up feels like a near autoloss for Outfit anyway so I don't think it would have turned out any differently.

Thanks to Nisei team for organising a very well run tournament too!