FFN (3rd Vienna SC Jan/2018) - for reference on alwaysberunn

Rodge 47

This is taken exactly from Fast Food Nation, all credit should go to the author there: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/46198/fast-food-nation

I only publish it, so I can link on the alwaysberunning event page. I ran this deck to 3rd place in the Vienna store championship:


In Swiss, this beat out Hayley and Smoke, as I went to a 4-0 start. ID'ing the next two rounds, it lost in the friendly game vs the eventual winner's Valencia. But did beat the eventual 2nd place's Valencia. So it ran 3-1 after Swiss.

In double elimination, I played my first two games as Runner - winning one and losing one. Faced off against the Valencia I had beat earlier that day, mulliganed into a 3 agenda hand with no ICE. Runner first turn, indexing finds two 2-pointers in R&D. 2nd turn, he finds the 3 pointer I had desperately tried to dump into archives. 5 of the first 10 corp cards being agendas, the loser's final ended after 4 minutes :)

Shipment from Tennin is a great card, since the ID punishes runners that actually run. I did find out that his deck does NOT like the shaper fracter "Ankusa".....