[TagMe] "Kratos is Absolutely, Unquestionably the Worst"

ggDropbear 229

3rd at Good Games Adelaide Store Champs

Swiss: Win (PE), Win (EdTech), Loss (SYNC), Intentional Draw

Top 4: Corp Loss to Lower Bracket, Corp Win to Lower Bracket Final, Loss (Skorpios)

General plan: Poke around for first agenda while setting up God of War combo, if you think there's agendas in hand go for it at 5 tags, otherwise just wait for 8+ tags on R&D. Rebirth into Omar for poke or Quetzal to go around Resistor, and make sure your meta doesn't have serious tag punishment (or have a 10 card hand with Obelus, your choice).

It's a really silly combo and I think there's a lot that could be polished, especially whether Rogue Trading is worth the slots (It does require a lot of set-up with Wireless Net and Fall Guy out but is worth it for the tags you get). Also requires you to not misplay a lot. Would I have done better with a regular deck? Probably. But I'm a huge sucker for being able to say "Pay ten, access 10 cards" to win the game.

19 Apr 2018 X◒F

Looks like a Lot of Fun. I will try this for sure as soon as i'll have the Devil and the Dragon.