SOCR7 Freedom

Tolaasin 814

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3 Oct 2018 Krasty

Can I ask you if Retrieval Run was really usefull?

29 Aug 2023 firow190

The deck concentrates on disrupting the corporation's strategy by using Freedom's ability to discard cards from HQ. It comprises a set of breakers capable of dealing with the majority of ice varieties, as well as some program devastation via Parasite and Imp. The deck also contains economic cards such as Daily Casts, Street Peddler, and Sure Gamble to keep credits flowing. With cards like Employee Strike, Levy AR Lab Access, and Rumor Mill, the events cause additional disruption to the corporation. The hardware consists of Clone Chip, e3 Feedback Implants, and Net-Ready Eyes in order to increase the efficacy of the breakers and programs papa's pizzeria. This deck is designed to be disruptive and adaptable, capable of adapting to various corp strategies and throwing them off balance.

16 Nov 2023 nicolepack

I really like this card and geometry dash scratch because it is powerful