That's How Mafia Works - 1st, OttGat Q1-19 Nisei GNK

lopert 1618

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3-0 during GNK
1 double HPT kill
1 double Atlas token into Atlas+Audacity to close it out
1 NA Atlas in Border Control + Surveyor remote

I've always liked the Rush / HHN fork style.
Key changes from other ReCoCo lists:

-1 ReCoCo, +1 Audacity
The ReCoCo / Dedication is my least favourite way to score an Atlas, but it's nice to be able to use it for SSL. I found myself with hands that were 2x ReCoCo, 2x Dedication, 2x AM with no great agendas in sight, so I figured it it was ok to swap 1 3-card-combo FA tool to gain the flexibility of a 2-card-combo FA tool.

-1 IPO, +1 NGO
Running NGO lets me keep the money from IPO in the deck, while having an extra "trap" to bait the runner with.

-2 Ravens +2 Maus
I'm not a huge fan of Raven, as runners just ETR when they need to, and yolo (or is it YEET these days?) through when they need to. Maus is a rougher facecheck, and you can always dedication it in a pinch.

-3 Rashida
Since I like to IAA so much, I had trouble dropping down to enough cards to make Rashida work. This deck doesn't want to ICE HQ unless absolutely needed so drawing 4 cards at the start of my turn was preventing me from making sure HQ was clear of agendas.

+1 Bulwark +1 HHN
With the freed up card slots from Rashida, I wanted to increase my ice count and be more aggressive with HHN. Bulwark is great because it's strength 8, trashes, and triggers The Outfit.

+1 Raven
FML I have two influence left I guess I'll put a Raven back in.

26 Feb 2019 lopert

Just played this again at OttGat Q1-19 Nisei GNK #2

Highlight was in my last match versus Val, where the game was basically:
- Reversed Accounts + Dedication Ceremony + Advance for 16c -> Hard Hitting.
- Reversed Accounts for 8c, value.
- Archived Memories Reversed Accounts.
- Reversed Accounts + Dedication for 12c, -> Hard Hitting.
- 2 HPT in hand, hit IHW :(
- Install Advance Reversed Accounts, Advance, for 8c -> Hard Hitting.
- 2nd HPT gets the kill since the runner is stuck on 3 tags.