Ryper v2.0 - 1st at Taunton regional (15 person event)

rotage 2620


This is the list I took to the Taunton Regional and finished 1st in. It went 2-1 in Swiss (I got a bye in round 2) and it went 1-1 in the cut




I spent the weeks leading up to this event testing a Rig Shooter / Punitive list but in BABW, however the power Blue Sun had was very tempting so I wanted to use this, I only settled on this list late on Friday after some conversation with Catherine as I was worried about forgetting to bounce ice back to hand

Specific Card Choices

City Works Project - Most punitive Blue Sun lists use the same agenda suite except they use SSL instead of City Works, I am still not sure if this is the right choice but being able to use it with Data Loop was the deciding factor for me in choosing it

Ark Lockdown - Being a rig shooter against Anarch is quite hard (although you do see Corroder instead of paperclip a lot of the time) so this can be handy to remove breakers they throw in the trash, its less effective vs Criminal and Shaper as they have grown wiser

Rototurret - I had a spare influence and needed more ice so I added this

Data Loop - Mostly used for the combination with City Works project, if you have a data loop and a border control on the remote then unless the runner has draw cards or extra clicks then they can not draw enough cards and have enough clicks to run this remote and steal City Works. If they do have some extra clicks or draw cards then there are still likely to finish on less then 3 cards making punitive an option

The Event

Most of my wins were through flatline with one game where i managed to score out, the rigshooter element did not do much, the one exception where an SDS forced the runner to trash their engolo which I ark lockdowed on my next turn which gave me enough time to score out


FREDPI - Thanks for the advice for the deck
Catherine - For convincing me to play this list and adding more ice
Tolaasin - Always being there if I need some counsel and the encouragement during the day
Tom - For driving me there and for waiting for me even when I knocked you out
3N1GM4 - Running a great event with lots of amazing prizes including the crow trophy (See picture above)

Final Thoughts

Having done 0 test games with this specific build there is work to do with this deck, I never used Trojan Horse and Ark Lockeown only once so I would consider changing these for cards to assist the kill plan. As always any questions ask below

23 Jun 2019 rusefus

Congrats Dave! Data Loop + City Works seems very rude!

23 Jun 2019 Swiftie

Why did you take the picture on the floor?

23 Jun 2019 rotage

@rusefus Thanks, never got the combo to fire although some people refused to run the remote server

@Swiftie Lighting plus there is stuff on my desk and I was too lazy to move the stuff

23 Jun 2019 paulyg

Congrats on the win and thanks for some fun games. I wasn’t playing around half of the stuff in this list, which looks very cool! And no restricted card! Room for an Excalibur?

23 Jun 2019 rotage

@paulygThanks yeah those were some fun and very tense games at the end, glad they were caught on stream. Yeah I actually totally forgot about restricted, Excalibur could be good as another option. I was very impressed with Surveyor in your list was way more powerful then I gave it credit for

24 Jun 2019 Saan

I dig the Data Loops. It's funny, you see it all the time in Palana decks that are trying to sneak out Obakatas or Punitive you, but for some reason it never comes up in Blue Sun lists that are trying to do the exact same thing.

28 Jun 2019 vesper

I judge this floor to be amazing and the deck to be real fun :-)

30 Jun 2019 thebigunit3000

Your deck is fun and I'm immensely jealous of your trophy! Congratulations! =)

14 Jul 2019 hotelfoxtrot

@rotage if you were to play it again, do you think you’d find room for surveyor, or does it just not fit as well with the game plan as other ice? If you’d include, what would you cut?