Muppets' Treasure Island (1st, XPlanet SC, 6-0)

el-zilcho 161

It's time to play the music

You've probably wondered what MTI stands for... Well, wonder no more!

This is only 2 cards different from this list posted by @tugtetgut a few weeks ago. I dropped the 2x Mumbad City Grid, as they didn't seem to do much in our testing (maybe we were doing it wrong), and added 2x Bio Vault, as I love another reason to drag the runner through the remote.

This deck was an absolute beast all day. I rarely felt like I was in any danger. Its ability to rush out the first Nisei Mk II or SSL Endorsement is outstanding. Recovering from Apocalypse is an absolute breeze. I even won two games by scoring 3 5/3s, because those were the agendas I saw. A Jinteki glacier that can win without Nisei tokens is a force to be reckoned with.

It beat Rube Goldberg Hayley twice, largely thanks to first turn Scarcity of Resources in both games.

Sandstorm and Sadaka were both so clutch. Never cut these!

Thanks to Lionel at X Planet for hosting the tournament.

4 Mar 2019 Saan

Hayley decks that don't pack at least 2 currents these days are, in my opinion, asking to lose the game to Scarcity.

I love the inclusion of Bio Vault; it melts the runner's money if they run it, and if they don't, it almost guarantees a score on the next agenda.

5 Mar 2019 mo0man

I'd like to point out that I believe a more practised pilot would have won at least the second of those Rube Goldberg games. There was definitely a line I could have taken to get into that remote had I had more experience, and I believe the board state I had built up would have been enough to pull through. On the first game though, I'm not quite sure... My brain is still 90% mush from playing that deck for 6 games

6 Mar 2019 icecoldjazz

Congrats on your win!