BoardRunner 32

This deck went 3-1 to a 2nd place finish in a local tournament with custom MWL additions and a ban list. The idea behind the deck is to have the double threat of either quickly scoring agendas behind gear check ice, or getting a Hard-Hitting News to stick and BOOM! on the following turn. I think the deck was OK but it needs improvement, there are no real late-game plans so it needs to act quickly.

27 Mar 2017 Elusive

What was your impression from these four games, were opponents unprepared/unaware and you won by surprise or would you say the deck feels viable for a major tournament?

31 Mar 2017 BoardRunner

I'm not entirely sure. While my opponents were expecting BOOM!, they were certainly expecting Midseason Replacements over Hard-Hitting News. I was able to set back their economy in the early game by forcing them to remove tags, which provided me with some nice scoring windows. I won two games by scoring out, and one game by flatline after my third HHN stuck (technically my opponent conceded, correctly anticipating the upcoming kill). The loss was a tight game against a shaper, where I had to play aggressively to avoid the inevitable late game loss, and my opponent did a good job of keeping up while still avoiding the threat of flatline.

I think what I didn't like with the deck is that there is really nothing to discourage the runner from running on my remotes, other than the HHN threat. As long as the runner has a solid economy, I can't do anything. I think I'd need to change something if I wanted to play it in a major tournament, but I'm not sure exactly what to change.