Praise the Sun! (Chicago Regionals Winner)

tstack 936

This is the Sol semi-glacier FA deck I took to the Chicago regional this year. Use cheap, taxing NBN ice and Scarcity to force people to pick and choose their runs. MCA AArons and EOI back things they steal, scoring 3 pts and giving the runner 2 tags is a good play. Ark Lockdown does work against shaper and anarch, who often dont expect it and get lazy with clots/conspiracy breakers/siphons. Scarcity is crazy good right now.

Tourney Summary: R1 swiss: Bye

R2-Joe-DLR Andy-Terrible hand, mulliganed a 4 agenda hand into a 3 agenda hand with sweeps and IPO. I money up and Joe proceeds to Temujin HQ and siphon twice, never accessing. I find Ice and a scarcity to shore up centrals after the early scare. DLR Andy has a really hard time dealing with Scarcity. Eventually Joe gets taxed out and I can score out before he gets set up to mill me.

R3-Lucas-Au Revoir CT- Slow start, I get out a GFI behind News hound and Tollbooth. I Ark Lockdown a discarded clot with clone chip on the table. Eventually get to 6 points as he sets up. I have the winning BN in hand, but Lucas smells it and starts his real runs, sniping my BN in hand. Eventually I top deck another BN for the win.

R4-Greg-SIFR/Reg Whizz-I get pretty set up, but Greg has a lot of datasucker counters. I go pretty broke defending a San San and scoring an astro and a beale. Greg deep medium digs me, I survive, losing only a GFI. Eventually I am able to score a GFI on the San San that is still rezzed after the medium dig.

R5-Alex-Good Stuff Andy-This game went terribly, I drew very few Ice and a lot of agendas. Alex finds 4 agendas between RnD and HQ and the game is over in 10 minutes.

Cut: Greg-Greg steals a bunch of agendas early(2 GFI and a BN I think) I end up stabilizing a bit and scoring a BN off a San San and exchanging it for a stolen GFI. I also manage to score an astro off the same San San. I get to score out another GFI behind Lotus Field, since Greg only had access to Yog at that point.

Grand Finals-Brian- Faust Hayley- Brian gets setup fast before I can get a scarcity out. I manage to set up a news hound remote with decent ice on centrals. He steals a couple beales pretty early and ends up deep data mining his last 4 points before I can really do much of anything.

Anyway, its a fun deck that has pretty reasonable matchups across the board. The ark lockdowns can easily be a biotic or hunter seekers depending on your meta. Another current is also sometimes good. GGs to all my opponents.

28 May 2017 Lord Saber

Praise the sun! Try jumping....:)

29 May 2017 leburgan

Great meta call. Early scarcity hinders so much of the field right now, this deck will be the deck to beat going forward. Great showing and great games.

30 May 2017 artsel


1 Jun 2017 MaximumSushi

What's the game plan against Clot + Sat Con?

1 Jun 2017 tstack

Purge it and ark lockdown. They can keep it around and bleed tempo from you if they really want to, but often people wont. Alternatively rush out as much as you can. Its def a weak point of the deck, shaper matchup can be tricky.

5 Jun 2017 rotage

@tstackHuge thanks as I took this deck to Euros and finished 5th, was a really fun deck to play and it worked well for me

5 Jun 2017 percomis

Came to do a similar comment to @rotage's, I played this at Euros and placed 15th, thanks for the list :) The double Lockdown surprised so many runners and paired with Lotus Field it won me quite a few games against Whizzes with a single Black Orchestra. So thanks again!

5 Jun 2017 tstack

Awesome! Glad to hear it worked well! and congrats on the finishes

12 Jun 2017 FightingWalloon

Was playing a couple of games online with this deck. I'm new to Sol, so it is a learning experience. The only real tag punishment is EOI. Do you regularly feed Runners GFI?

12 Jun 2017 FightingWalloon

Scarcity vs Geist is hilarious.

12 Jun 2017 tstack

@FightingWalloon sometimes its a good play. Its easier to risk IAAing the GFI early in the game because you have a way to get it back. EOI BN for GFI is one of the best things you can do. Usually I don't straight feed it to them unless you have a secure san san and BN EOI in hand.

12 Jun 2017 FightingWalloon

Thanks for the feedback. I have enjoyed my handful of games with this deck in Jinteki casual. I need to get in the right frame of mind to take several beatings in competitive to really figure out how to play the deck. So far, I've been very fortunate to get a Scarcity early and play against Runners who want lots of Resources. I could see the deck struggle if that does not happen.

Thanks for building it and sharing it. When I get a chance to play face-to-face, I play in @x3r0h0ur's local meta, so I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing the deck again when I can get around there for some live games.