Late-Night Experimentations: 2-2 Detroit Regionals (5'th)

pmavers 18

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Sometimes you gotta dig really deep to find interesting link cards.

And you know what I discovered? Borrowed Satellite is actually pretty decent. It actually saved my life one game when I checked a triple-advanced Junebug and I was holding six cards in hand due to it.

It also got me killed at least once, due to playing it and then running, and slamming into a Snare when I now had two cards in hand.

I may try to swap things around to get a couple extra copies in there. The idea was that since a lot of our card draw comes in big bursts, the extra hand size helps you hang on to things you want but might not want to play right now. Wasting credits by installing things willy-nilly due to the fear of having to discard them often tripped me up in the past.

The Paper Tripping was mostly in there because I felt like I may be on the receiving end of Hard-Hitting News at some point... but it never saw play.

I actually got a ton of Paycheck payouts. Probably the most I've ever had, in all the years I've been playing Sunny.