[Classique 2023] Panic Pal

ClassiqueBubbles 10

7 Nov 2023 cursor

Deck Advice, courtesy of Nemamiah

What Your Deck Does

This is an aggressive rush deck; it’s not a glacier deck designed to slowly build taxing servers. Look to aggressively score behind even one ice early, using Caprice Nisei or Marcus Batty to ensure that you can do so safely. Your ice is taxing and resilient, but won’t stand up to repeated late game pressure by the runner so try to make sure that you don’t get there. Each score of a Nisei MK II or, to a lesser extent, Corporate Sales Team makes your next score a little bit easier.

What to Mulligan For

At least two ice and at least one burst economy card

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

The key here is to be aggressive; it’s natural to try to fall in to a defensive pattern to stave of Noise but the late game vastly favours the runner so try not to get there! Look to score as early as possible; Noise’s key weakness is that he can’t realistically challenge an agenda score on turn two or three.

Ice placement is key in this matchup; you have multiple pieces of ice that are very awkward for Noise to deal with but they have to go in the right place. Lotus Field and Wraparound should usually go on the remote to make scoring a bit easier, and taxing pieces like Eli 1.0 should go on centrals. Be aware that your ice will die to Parasite, so make sure that you have replacements ready to go and that you can afford to rez them. Caprice Nisei should almost always go in the remote unless you’re about to lose the game to Medium, but you should defend HQ before R&D in the early game to combat Lamprey. All three centrals will usually need to be defended, but don’t put too much ice there because the scoring remote is your priority.