AstroScript Sparkle Program (Top 8 NorCal Regionals)

Murphy 1406

See the original deck for more in depth discussion:

This list changes quite a few details. Midseasons is out in favor of boosting the core and I fit in a 3rd CVS.

I usually bluff out Astros with this list to get the train going. There are a lot of weird bluffing opportunities right now. I'd say I non-FA score at least 50% of Agendas. People REALLY don't like the idea of paying through Tollbooth to see a Product Placement.

11 Apr 2016 Murphy

Oh yeah, Anon Tip is an All Star. That card is amazing. You get to be NEH for the cost of 2 deck slots.

11 Apr 2016 PackBenPack

5 Influence Spent

Seems Good

In all honesty, I really like this deck. We had a pretty good conversation about Spark at the Gamescape regionals and you gave me faith that it could actually be a great deck. I like anon tip, too. Good add.

11 Apr 2016 itamom420

I knew from the moment I read spark made top 8 at norcal I wanted to see this list, and now my dreams have come true.

11 Apr 2016 Murphy

@PackBenPack The MWL was designed to show you which cards to include in your deck. I'll probably keep playing around with Spark moving forward.

@itamom420 :D It is a fun deck! Nothing flashy. Just good ol' fashioned Netrunner.