[25th @ Worlds 2021] Spoonin Hosh

enkoder 848

I've had a lot of fun with this deck in the past but knew it was going to be pretty slow for worlds. Had about a week of testing before worlds so decided to sleeve up a fun pet deck of mine. If this deck gets to the mid to the mid game with momentum it can lock out a corp but absolutely folds to assets. Thankfully I submarined and didn't see a CTM/Gag all day. Went 3-2 on the day with one notable game vs the crazy Aryabhata Tech GameNet piloted by Moveable object. This deck can really chew up glacier lists.

Managed to nab 30 points by winning 3 241's but bubbled out due to SoS.

Took sports for Corp

22 Nov 2021 NetDad

Slots are tight in this archetype, congrats on the finish & fitting all the tools in here!

22 Nov 2021 BizTheDad

Nice deck :)