CR Mopus Sunny

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This is my list from the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 4 tournament. We had to pick IDs and stick with them for the whole tournament and I was the lone Sunny player.

My list is not too surprising given the small pool. Maybe the boldest move was doing 2x Test Run 2x Magnum Opus as my economy. Armitage Codebusting is there just in case it takes some time to find the Magnum Opus.

I didn’t win much but I felt like I could compete in the early game just by having Aumakua and a full complement of the strength boosters: Security Chip and Dean Lister. It's a real threat when the corp can't purge Aumakua to get a window open. I usually wouldn't even keep it as a surprise. I would usually just get Dean Lister or the Security chip out there to threaten the remote and just stall the game while I build up.

I expected to see kill decks and Obokata so I was leaning to tech against that with things like LLDS Memory Diamond (also a link) and Biometric Spoofing (well, this doesn't directly work with Obokata but it does with all the other damage). Since my game plan was really to lock the remote, I wanted to have enough cards to steal Obokata if I had the chance. Turned out I only played against one Tennin and as far as I know, none of my opponents were on Punitive. So this portion of tech went underutilized. Caldera is wonderful with Mopus though.

Nexus, the Sunny breakers and Mopus money get me through the mid and late game. I know Rabbit Hole is a “win more” card with Nexus but I also like the synergy with Security Chip.

Basically, the 50 card deck size is offset by the fact that I have so many boring redundant cards. I don't feel bad about pitching things I don't need right now if I need to dig for something. The 1-of Rip Deal is my own personal Get Out of Jail Free card if I really feel remorse about losing something important.

So that's my game... be Sunny... be boring... win some.

18 Feb 2018 dbAdmin

Forgot to mention Mad Dash and Infiltration. Mad Dash can obviously combo with Globalsec Security Clearance as long as Miraju isn't on R&D. Infiltration is my favorite card to deal with Jinteki mind games (or glacier mind games) so that's why that's included. Plus, if you have Infiltration AND Mad Dash at the same time, even better.