Face facts with dignity. [4-4 HOUSTON REGIONALS, 9th?]

Uruz 624

7-0 Jinteki Biotech (Brewery probably, because, y'know)

2-7 CTM (goddamnit EOI)

0-7 Titan

3-0 Pālanā (flatline)

It goes fast, to be sure, but CTM is still a pain and Titan still combos the win.

The Start

Mulligan for chop bot. Nothing else matters.

The Early

Mostly play defensive and grab opportunities that come, but you'll probably have the tools in hand to swap to high gear with 1-2 clicks and dig a server before the corp expects you to. Build your board, and don't be afraid to apoc as long as you have a way to keep the pressure up.

The Mid/Late

Try to fork the corp, have enough of the pirate suite to pressure either the remote or apoc. They'll typically split the ice or install Crisium. Solve the problems and dig what you can. If they've got 6-8 ice out, apoc and dig.

As always, the fortune cookie after the dinner of disappointment makes you deal with the hard truth.

But I'm not superstitious. Tulsa, you're next. I have a point to prove and I'm going to make it by attrition if I have to.