5 Camera Geist v2 ANR Team Unified

Odiie 1

This deck went 3-0 on the day (2 score out, 1 timed win). Geist has to be my favorite runner at the moment because of his flexibility.

I think it was the second round, I played against Show of Force PE. That was insanely fun (on my side of the table at least). I did the usual Geist stuff like tanking through house of knives with hoppers and security ships, going down to 1 card, using On the Lam to survive the Fetal, getting more cards and making money to score it.

I've had some ideas for recon drone but I can't figure out what to drop.

Link to Corp: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/42200/kool-aid-anr-team-unified