listen to whiteblade (5-1, 40th at Worlds 2021)

anarchomushroom 757

whiteblade said to play boom ctm cuz all the runners were infinite value engines and scoring out is basically impossible unless you're PD. this corp fucks, went 5-1 on the day and felt great. listen to whiteblade, the man's right

round 1: boomed the runner

round 2: scored out

round 3: scored out

round 4: fuck miss bones

round 5: boomed the runner

round 6: ID'd

round 7: boom'd the runner

gifs are for nerds

24 Nov 2021 x3r0h0ur

2 boom > 1 boom AM

24 Nov 2021 anarchomushroom


24 Nov 2021 Radiant

Every deck on < 2 Amani makes me sad, that card is hidden OP. Nice work

25 Nov 2021 maninthemoon

Always listen to @Whiteblade🏅