[Startup] Hyperbaric Kit

Rhahi 417

An easy and aggressive deck that combines Hyperbaric, Kit's native ability, and Overclock for some very cheap face check and value runs. Close out the game with Conduit.

Ideally, you would install breakers (starting from Hyperbaric) with rigging up, make some overclock runs, and in the meanwhile find and install Hermes. This is a good recipe to outpace the corp in terms of ICE and also money.

If you don't find Rigging Up and/or Overclock in time (which is not a rare occurrance), Telework Contract will lend some help for setting up expensive Hyperbaric.

If you do not manage to find the breakers with Diesel and Nuka, then you can fall back to Into the Depths to find breakers. Otherwise, it's a nice way to search Paricia, Egret, or Conduit depending on the board state.

Note1: Run often as soon as you have Hyperbaric up and running to pressure corp to rez under Kit's coverage and reveal ICE information, to turn on Egret (Looking at Ansel, Bran, Pharos and sorts)

Note2: Hermes makes it difficult for corp to set up outermost code gate, and makes installing 3+ stack of ICE towers expensive to build.