Sydney Lockout (2nd Place, AU Nationals, 26/8/2017)

RJorb 194

Swiss: Lost to Whizz, beat Kit, beat Leela, beat Geist, ID.

Top 8 Cut: Lost to Andy, beat Counter Surveillance Whizz.

27 Aug 2017 manveruppd

Curious what the Boot Camp is for?

27 Aug 2017 RJorb

There's a flexible point of influence in the deck, and in earlier versions I also tried Blacklist (which is decent in the Bloo Moose meta) and Wraparound (which was mostly just a worse Vanilla).

At the last minute, I threw in EBC in place of one of the Tech Startups. You can use it like a Tech Startup, or you can use it to tutor an asset without having to wait a turn. That'd usually be for one of these plays:

• Install EBC, search for Moon; install Moon; FIHP (preferably targeting a couple of AALs for more installs).

• Install EBC, search for Austerity; install Austerity (behind ice); click Austerity.

I guess it'd also be useful against something like Dyper or Au Revoir decks, although I didn't expect to see those at all.