Blue Sun Punitive (2nd @ Sydney Regionals, 4-1)

BobAloVskI 332

This deck is pretty much the deck that Drago took to 1st place at Euro this year. See his writeup for how the deck plays. The only changes I made from the original were -2 Scarcity, +1 Excalibur, +1 NGO Front.

Further changes I would make to the deck are:

  • -1 Oversight AI, +1 Building Blocks - I saw a couple of D4v1d which makes Oversight AI a liability

  • -1 Excalibur, +1 NGO Front - If you don't find your big ICE and a rezzing operation, you can fall behind on econ. Plus forcing the runner to run the NGO Front in the remote can open a window to actually score.


  • 1st Round Swiss: Bye

  • 2nd Round Swiss: Loss vs. MaxX. They did well to destroy a couple of pieces of ICE on R&D and I was never able to adequately defend it. I had the agendas in hand and a secure remote to win and went for it. I got to 6 points with the Hostile in hand but they got the win on R&D with zero credits and zero clicks remaining. Their ICE destruction allowed this play so well done to them.

  • 3rd Round Swiss: Win vs. Laramy Fisk. This was their first tournament and they did extremely well to just miss the top 8. They let a Daily Quest tick over in the remote for 4-5 turns so I had all the money in the world. They stole an agenda and I double Punative'd them.

  • 4th Round Swiss: Win vs. 419. I was fortunate in this game. I spent all my credits to rez an Orion and they went to town on my servers for the rest of the turn. Unfortunately for them, they stole 6 points. No Punative in hand though. 1st click draw. 2nd click draw getting my the punative for a win I don't think I deserved.

  • 1st Round Cut: Win vs. MaxX. This was the same MaxX I lost to in round 2 of swiss. I can't remember the details too well but it went to plan quite well. I had a good econ start and was able to get the kill after they stole an agenda.

  • 3rd Round Cut: Win vs. Hayley. I struggled for econ early this game as I did not want my big ICE destroyed with D4v1d so all 3 of my Oversight AIs went in the bin. They dropped a bit of money trashing a Daily Quest in the remote but they left Ika on a Surveyor though and it got trashed when I returned it to hand. I thought I had no way to win when they were on about 30 credits while slowly building their board. I forced a run through my remote by IAA'ing an NGO Front. They lost most of their money encountering double Surveyor. I was then able to score SSL followed by a Hostile which get me rich. Hayley installed Stargate late in the game but Chiyashi made it difficult for them to get through even over multiple turns as they could not recur D4v1d or Lady. I ended up winning on time but I was about to push a 3-pointer which I am quite sure I could've scored as the remote was 3x Surveyor and 1 Border Control.

Thank you to all my opponents and everyone that turned up to the event. Especially to Inactivist for organising everything and TO'ing. A big congratz to my nemisis, RJorb, for winning the event.