🔥 Shadow Fisk (2019 - MWL3.4b)


🔥 Shadow Net Fisk 🔥

1. Siphon the Corp's money with Corporate "Grant", Diversion of Funds, Emergency Shutdown, Amina, and most importantly System Outage (via the ID, Polyhistor, Equivocation, and Fisk Investment Seminar).

2. Repeat with The Shadow Net.

3. They've been poor and hyper flooded. You should have won by now.

Additional Comments:

  • Forcing the Corp to overdraw is sometimes ok. Draining the Corp's credits is typically good. Doing both simultaneously is almost always back-breaking.
  • You have the advantage because the Corp probably believes that your deck is just going to draw them some cards helping them to win faster. They probably don't want to draw 5-7 cards on your turn though.
  • Lean on Aumakua. The rest of the breakers just help you get in after purges/etc. Don't be afraid to bin them.
  • Aeneas Informants help you money up while running R&D or checking remotes. You usually don't care to trash trashable cards since they go into their useless and overwhelmed HQ (where it will go to the Archives soon anyway).
  • Once set up, most turns are click 1 HQ run. Since they're flooded from all your force-to-draw abilities, you should find agendas often (or they're in Archives). Then System Outage more with Equivocation.

  • 1 rule. The Shadow Net OP. 😈