Runners have 3 clicks, right? - Undefeated at German Nats

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With the Uprising release I decided to test some of the new cards. When I noticed that GameNET triggers on Amani Senai, one of my favourite corp cards, I knew I had to build something asset based. I was even happier when I realised that with the 17 inf I could afford to play a full set of MCA Austerity Policies, another of my favourite corp cards. From the union of the two, this deck is born.

And it is bullshit.

I won all 6 games I played with this at German Nationals, getting me to a respectable 22nd place, while my runner only managed to win 1 game.

Game Plan

  • Make a remote for Daily Quest to get the money needed to rez your stuff (it is all cheap though) and score agendas.
  • Make a remote for MCAAP and start stealing the runner clicks. Then fast advance everything.
  • Install your Jeeves, Amani, DBSs, and TeamSpos. Usually you won't need to protect them due to the high cost and click loss.
  • Install some ICE on R&D and HQ so the runner doesn't just rip 7 points.
  • If the runner decides to contest them 4 tags, close their accounts and psychographics.

Potential Changes

  • Exchange of Information might be better than Closed Accounts.
  • Enigma is in the list to force a decoder install but felt underwhelming. Probably better to play a third IP Block.


  • All the folks who helped organise and run German Nats.
  • All the folks who played at German Nats. Especially my opponents who had to deal with this bullshit.
  • mrteatime66 for giving me a perfectly fitting GIF.
13 Jan 2020 mrteatime66


13 Jan 2020 5N00P1

I think the correct name of the deck might be "Und Nutzen"

13 Jan 2020 Longi

love the deck, love the fact I did not have to face it :D

13 Jan 2020 iref

Congratz on solid performance. This looks like fun (for corp not runner). Plan to give it a try.

13 Jan 2020 sengir80

@cableCarnagedoes trashing an asset trigger GameNet ability?

13 Jan 2020 ayyyliens

i hate this deck

13 Jan 2020 cableCarnage

@sengir80, trashing corp cards does not trigger GameNET.

13 Jan 2020 sengir80


13 Jan 2020 SneakdoorMelb

This deck rules. I just had a 6 click turn where I scored four points and put their best cards back to hand with Amani. GameNET only made me like 3 creds though unfortunately.