R+ Remastered (1st @ ECG Prep and 7th @ ECG H1 CO)

AbyssStaresBack 1

3-0 at the ECG Prep CO and 1-1-1 at the Mox CO.

Between the two events I removed a Data Loop and Corporate Hospitality and added a VSA and Hammer

It's got the standard fast NBN core of Rashida YDL Spin for econ, this gives enough money for the rush tools of Holo Man and SanSan.

Amani and Oppo for tempo.

The ID is the main tag punishment as it doesn't require any investment but there is Self-Growth and Shipment from Vlad to punish floating.

9 two point agendas means the runner needs 4 to win and scoring a 3-point Beale is huge. Remastered Edition early allows scoring the final points from hand.

The ice only needs to keep the runner out for a turn so Gatekeeper was a great addition borrowed from Maninthemoon's HoloOp and along with Unsmiling Tsarevna and Ping we can draw to power YDL as well as break R&D lock to find the last 3/2 agenda usually needed to win.

Thanks to Maninthemoon and FireRL for hosting the Tournaments