Core 2.0 Teaching League Corp (2018: 1st)

HiddenAway 851

This was my corp deck for the 2018 Stimhack Revised Core 2.0 tournament, claiming top spot. With Weyland having a more economic ability than the other 3 factions, I decided to go with the heavy ice route to tax the runner out of credits with bluffs if they're set up. It does struggle against "infinite money" Magnum Opus builds and the plan then is to rush as fast as possible. Getting a 2 Agenda Counter Project Atlas (5 advancement tokens) helps massively to progress though.

The deck has the maximum number of transaction operations available in the revised core set. Trick of Light is a great fast advance tool for the revised core pool as it costs 1 less influence than Biotic Labor and more importantly, costs only 1 credit. Despite being a rich corp, the ice is very expensive to rez and almost prohibitive against Reina, so every credit counts. Use GRNDL if needed to get ahead.

For ice placement, ideally you'll want Archer near the end of your remote (watch out for Femme) and Tollbooth on your R&D or HQ, whichever is more critical (Chaos Theory and Reina: R&D, Gabe: HQ).

Project Junebug is used for baiting runs into the remote, alongside GRNDL, and if they don't run it, you can always use the advancements for Trick of Light. Melange is also good bluff fodder and you can always get the credits if you're low.

Thanks go to FightingWalloon for organising the tournament and also everyone who helped me test the deck through it's various forms!

Changes from my previous deck:


Caduceus x1
Punitive Counterstrike x1
Shipment from Kaguya x1
The Cleaners x1
Tollbooth x1


Enigma x1
GRNDL Refinery x1
Private Security Force x1
Project Junebug x2