Nix mehr zu tun - 1st intercontinentals

qvm 1921

This is a slight variation of my APAC list Titan Tech. Since Turntable did absolutely nothing in APAC, I dropped one copy. I didn't install the remaining copy all day.

WIth the spare inf, I included a The Maker's Eye, which did something. It drained two credits while not finding any gendies.

The real star of the show was of course On the Lam (extra flavor points for installing on The Class Act). Nix mehr zu tun is a Heinzel meme describing the following situation:

_nothing more to do_

I barely installed (or used) any non-turtle breakers all day (which led me to losing the first two games. Whoops). Today, I'd try to include Engolo (drop TT and TME, keep Diesel), as installing three breakers is just too slow.

I wouldn't cut Aumakua though, it's amazing against Asa, as long as you have clippy in the bin to prevent a CVS/Hagen blowout (this surely didn't happen, did it?).

Q: If you play turtle, why don't you play 419
A: 419 needs turtle, but turtle doesn't need 419

Last but not least, I don't play Rezeki because I want to go fast. This deck probably doesn't do well against GameNet glacier and friends. But it's hard (or at least not fun) to outdurdle corps these days, so I rather go fast or go home.

Thanks to everyone who organized, participated and watched this amazing series of tournaments! Shout-out to NWE for all the memes and laugther during deck testing.

10 Aug 2020 percomis

Huge congrats on winning the whole thing!

10 Aug 2020 Klopstock

Good deck. Nix mehr zu tun is a good theme, but the wrietup lacks the word value. 5/7 meme points.

10 Aug 2020 JackMade

"Q: If you play turtle, why don't you play 419 A: 419 needs turtle, but turtle doesn't need 419"

That hit home. Good job! Also, it is amazing seeing you on Crim again.

11 Aug 2020 5N00P1

Huge congrats for winning, I'm really impressed & happy!

12 Aug 2020 Qris

Yes! Great job :)