A lesson in Polite-runner

Cpt_nice 1924

Manners are essential

The Dutch meta had a talk during our store champ last weekend, and got to the subject of rudeness in netrunner. Diversion of Funds, Hippo, Clan Vengeance, 419, The Oufit, many cards and ID's have been labeled 'rude' over the years. But that got us thinking, what would a polite netrunner deck look like? Challenge accepted!

As far as ID's were concerned, we came to the conclusion that they needed to have an ability that didn't just benefit themselves. Keeping that in mind, there wasn't really much competition. Harmony Medtech was briefly considered, but playing less Netrunner is kinda iffy when it comes to manners. Hyoubu was an option, due to showing genuine interest in the runner, but it was ultimately decided they were in it for the money. Which meant that Fisk was an easy choice for the most polite ID! Every time he runs a central server, the corp draws a card, without any benefit to the man himself, meaning Fisk truly is the embodiement of Polite-runner. The fact that he is rotated shouldn't stop us from giving the corp a hand! We will be playing a few other rotated cards, but only to make sure the corp is having the maximum amount of fun.

Obviously there is nothing quite as polite as giving free stuff to your opponent. That's why we play Peace in Our Time, Fisk Investment Seminar, Akshara Sareen and Equivocation. Free cards, clicks AND credits! We also like giving the corp a choice when it comes to our cards, so Wildcat Strike, while benefiting only us, is a good way for the corp to feel included. Sync Attack's discard effect is very rude, but letting the corp draw 4 cards is just too good to pass on. Just ask them gently to make the right choice!

Other choices explained:

  • Bravado, because we assume the corp will appreciate our efforts and not rez their ice, so we can get money while they draw.
  • Feint, in case the corp doesn't reciprocate your politeness and rezzes their ice. Don't lose your cool, stay courteous!
  • On that note, one of each breaker. But only cute ones.
  • Memory Diamond, because we don't want to be in a situation where we don't have enough MU and thus have to miss out on mutual fun.
  • Hot Pursuit, for when the game is getting a bit stale and you wanna make things excited for the both of you!
  • Only one Sure Gamble, because not including it may get us flamed by rude players, but we don't wanna stress the corp out too much by playing multiple. 1 is fine!
  • Find the Truth, so we can politely show what we draw without having to fear a game loss.
  • Security Testing, because we want to help the corp test their security!
  • Mutual Favor, because with such a promising and polite name, how can we not!
  • Push Your Luck, because playing a side game with your opponent is fun and, say it with me, polite!
  • Same old thing, to recur our most polite events.
  • Lasty, Stargate, a card that has the reputation of being very rude, which is why we want to clean up its reputation. We are only using it to trash cards that the corp doesn't want!

And there we have it, a deck that seeks to aid the corp with all their drawing needs! A truly well-mannered and civil experience, for upstanding runners. Always Be Respectful!

21 Sep 2021 tzeentchling

I feel like Tycoon is much more polite than Marjanah here, what corp wouldn't like to receive credits from the runner? :D

21 Sep 2021 Cpt_nice

@tzeentchling Ah you are absolutely right! I completely forgot that card existed.

28 Sep 2021 bing005

I'm also a fan of artist colony to level the agenda points if you accidently get ahead in points.