AOT Avalanche (2-1 at Kentwood, MI SC)

rwknoll 70

This deck is almost identical to the version I ran at the Kalamazoo SC. Only change from that was -1 NGO Front, +1 Ash. I figured Ash would do more work against Geist, Pirate Hayley, or basically any deck that was trying to remote camp. I also wanted to make sure I saw it more consistently to help score out CFCs and Ikawah Prokects.

I played against Val and 2 Geist. The loss was to Val, mostly because he was able to perfectly snipe two of my CFCs from R&D and HQ very early on and I wasn't able to rush out fast enough to recover before he stole the final Ikawah he needed from an Indexing run. Out of 6 players, there was a 4-way tie for #2-5, and I ended up in 5th due to SoS.

I think this deck is deceptively strong against Geist and Hayley, especially if you can pull Stinson off and get an economy advantage to leverage Ash, because you can force them to waste resources when they think they have a scoring window. I also think it is strong against Reg Anarch because it is so hard to afford to get in repeatedly with bin breakers. The catch is that an aggressive deck can probably steal some early accesses from Indexing or DDM if you aren't careful. Definitely more pleased with the performance this time around.

On a side note, to the Heimdall naysayers: Seidr is really easy to get through with Kongamato or Gbahali. If you can rez Heimdall at a discount, he is really quite good. Just make sure to put a Ravana or Najja outside of him if possible.