NWE, the T stands for Testing (7th at EMEA 24, 5-1)

Testrunning 1194

NWE is a very serious testing group that put a lot of effort into preparing for EMEA ... for the team tournament.

NWE doing NWE things

But I had one thought about standard and that thought was enough:


So I updated our worlds Esa for RwR with some minor tweaks and called it a day. That turned out to be undefeated in swiss and getting me to a 7th place overall. If I had thought some more maybe I would have been able to cut to 45.

On a more serious note:

I did not have time to prepare for standard and anticipated that no one would prepare for xir while xi is easy to pilot even if I don't know what my opponent is doing. In swiss this beat Punitive/Djupstad Azmari, PE, Asa and Teia. In the cut it won again against the same Asa but ultimately lost to Azmari on stream. That game was however a misplay on my part and not a fault of the deck. In hindsight I am extremely happy with my deck choices and wouldn't have changed them.


Thanks to Atien and all the other who organized EMEA, it was a truly awesome tournament! It was so great to meet so many people again and meet so many people in person that I only interacted with online before. Lastly thanks to all the people in NWE for being great friends and also sometimes playing Netrunner! Special shoutout to @JackMade who created the Ob deck that I played at EMEA which is an absolute beast.



New People being confused how we actually test. Also @OF15-15 welcome to NWE!

5 Jul 2024 Kikai

It was a pleasure to meet you in person!

Look forward to playing at Interconts, and hope to see you again soon.

5 Jul 2024 AnOddRadish

the Ob deck linked near the end of the post links back to this page for me. Otherwise great writeup and great to see a smaller Esa list!

5 Jul 2024 Testrunning

@Kikaithanks! It was nice meeting you too. See you at inter-conts!

@AnOddRadishYes, I know. I will fix that once the Ob list is published