Psycho Gods vHJ1.0

HepatitvsJ 244

This is my slight modifications to the excellent Psycho Gods build. Ghost branch was 1-4 in the games I played so I felt a TMI was a better option for the influence. Archived memories was also 1-4 and I constantly wished I had another card Instead. Rototurret is fine as a 2 off rather than 3 IMO, I went with a Heimdall 1.0 and a Viktor 2.0 as replacements. I played assets naked and runners would run and trash them. Trashing before or after I rez is fine with me, if they trash after rez it's usually a wash in tempo between us. I had a LOT more success just building a one ICE server and putting them in there. It puts more pressure on the runner to find a way in and moves tempo your way. That's why I upped the ICE to 17. I'd like to get a couple more but I'll see how this works for now.