BlooJank's Apoc Alice v3 (EC Champs. 5th overall/2nd swiss)

Janktivist 685

I started playing a version of Apoc Alice a couple months ago just for fun. I never really played an Apoc deck before (outside of some Apex lolz), and I've always liked Alice though I haven't played her much outside of when she was released. I found myself playing this deck almost exclusively in the time leading up to PAX, so I thought, "Meh, might as well go for it."

Round 1: Win. I can't recall this match in too much detail, but I am against a newer player. I score a lucky five points on an early Stargate run against his Punitive PE deck (I have IHW in hand for the steals and have more money than him, so I'm not afraid of the kill). Then a turn later I drop a DDOS and steal a Paper Trail that I Stargate'd into Archives a couple turns before.

Round 2: This one is on CodeMarvelous's stream. My opponent is on Biotech. I have a IHW in hand when an early Urban Renewal goes off. At some point I played a Hacktivist, which fired twice to trash five points from my opponent's hand. I run Archives to start testing out the waters for an Apoc and am surprised to find the win in there.

Round 3: Win. My opponent is on Palana and quadruple ices Archives to shut off Apoc. At some point after we've been playing for a bit, I realize that no agendas have been scored other than an early Obo double-adv'd on the board to look like an NGO, which I stole. I DDoS/Wanton when my opponent is on three cards--turns out they're all agendas. A few turns later I faceplant through a couple Anansis to check Archives and am surprised to find the win. I think that if I don't win that turn, however, my opponent takes the match.

Round 4: I'm 6-0 at this point, so it's an ID vs. Kysra. We play it out for fun and corp split.

Round 5: ID against Jonas. We save our energies for the cut.

Elimination Round 2: Win. MY FAVORITE MATCH OF THE DAY. This was against Jonas's Azmari. It's on Wyrm's stream. It's one of those matches that reminds me why I love this game so much, so go watch it!

Elimination Round 3: Loss, eliminated. Kenny's Comrade Potatoes 2.0 build gives me a whooping. It's no contest. I'm in awe of the deck and really have no clue how to effectively play against it. (Eric C later tells me that he thought I did a good job in the match--which really just goes to show you how nice and stand-up all the comrades are!) I don't mind getting eliminated against such a cool deck. Kenny and I laugh a lot on stream (CodeMarvelous's). If you ever want to see me play as the equivalent of a deer caught in headlights, I would suggest you check it out.

Thanks to DanB for organizing, Sanjay for TO'ing, CodeMarvelous and Wyrm for streaming, everyone who kicked in prize support, and everyone who made it out for such a fine tournament!

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