Dies to Light the Fire (3rd @ Belgian nats)

Maëlig 34

remote server with 6 cards in the root

This is the deck I brought to the Belgian nationals and had good success with, going 4-1 in the swiss and 2-0 in the cuts (my runner went 3-2 and 1-2).

A notable omission from the deck is Fully Operational, because you typically only open a single remote server. Despite this, the 13 upgrades allow you to pretty consistently trigger Asa's ability for a great amount of value and tempo. Thanks to only having to protect one remote, you can use the extra ICE to protect your centrals, whereas typical Asa lists are very vulnerable to late-game R&D pressure.

Warroid Tracker was a late but essential include in this deck and serves multiple purposes. It can protect an early remote consisting for example of Rashida + Skunkworks. It's a soft protection vs Pinhole Threading. It can also be used on R&D in combination with Skunkworks or even on its own against Stargate or other forms of R&D multi-access considering that the deck includes a lot of trashables.

Vovo was a beast, surprising the runner with how much stuff you can rez even on low amount of credits. The second part of the card was very relevant to rez Skunkworks and Warroids for free.

Later in the game once your remote has 4+ cards in its root, a lot of runners will just give up on it and try to win from centrals. It's important to identify that tipping point and to not be afraid to use your defensive upgrades on R&D.

You have to pray not to face any Light the Fire (thankfully not very popular at the moment), or find your single Border Control to stop that run.

25 Sep 2023 AlPi

Congrats on youre run! I woud have rather faced you in the finals for a guaranteed belgium victory haha. 1 Note on youre corp deck: when I saw youre list I noted you didn't have any really scary ice, it might be better to put a M.I.C. or Ansel in to scare the runner a little bit when he knows the deck.

25 Sep 2023 Maëlig

Thanks ! Not a big fan of MIC but I could see an Ansel making its way in, yeah. Arguably hagen, gatekeeper and drafter are all punitive face-checks if you don't have the correct breaker though.

26 Sep 2023 belazor

I'm quite glad to have managed to avoid playing against this deck in the cut! Next time I'll pack three Aeneas informants. ;)

26 Sep 2023 theoneakaneo

I van conform that this thing is fást!

27 Sep 2023 bedayaa

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