The King's Outfit 1st @ 28 person SC (5-0)

rotage 2901

Before the SC I was chatting to Swiftie and he had found this "fun" outfit list. I had seen some games with him murdering people and it looked like the kind of deck I wanted to play. I asked where it came from and he said he searched for swiftie in decknames and found it

This is the King's deck

the only changes I made were because of rotation/bans so 3 SSL became 3 send a message and the 2 IPO became Government Subsidy

The deck went 3-0 in swiss (1 ID) and 2-0 in the cut. I scored out in most games which was surprising

Not sure what changes I would make to this list, but something I will ponder going forward

Hail the King :)

5 Apr 2021 boreira

I belive sprint is a card for this deck

5 Apr 2021 5N00P1

I would go for 3 Hostile Takeover and exchange 1 Trebuchet for 1 Archer. But what do I know?

5 Apr 2021 Tolaasin

Two Hostile Takeovers? In an Outfit deck? What kind of madman does that?

5 Apr 2021 rotage

Good suggestions everyone, I just copied what I found and didnt have time to test enough to figure changes, all seem good. How do we find influence for sprint though? drop a HHN?

3 Hostiles could be nice, could allow us to hit 12 bad publicity :)

6 Apr 2021 Cpt_nice

Mean, mean, mean.

Great deck.

6 Apr 2021 Odol

@rotage If you play all your Archived Memories for TBTF you can actually get to 15 ;)

7 Apr 2021 rotage

Oh nice idea, 15 bad pub, makes me tempted to build a deck and see how much bad pub one can get in a game

10 Apr 2021 Ajar

Send a Message is lowkey massive for Rude Deck.

Otherwise, the shell is more flexible than ever. HPT, Spin Doctor, Sprint, Snare, Engram Flush, pick your poison(s). You can play around with the inf from the 3rd AM and / or the 3rd HHN.