Algernon Chela

grimgravyboat 298

Directives: Safety First, Neutralize All Threats and Find the Truth

This deck started out as an attempt to use Liberated Chela and Algernon, two cards I've always found interesting but could never make work. Adam seemed like a natural fit and I quickly decided if I was gonna try and gather as many clicks as possible, I might as well run Adjusted Matrix, Stim Dealer and Temple of the Liberated Mind. All of that coupled with Beth Kilrain-Chang and Amped Up lead to a consistent way to reliably amass enough clicks to do damage with if not completely sustain your engine.

A typical game involves getting your board up and running with Data Folding, Smartware Distributors and any MU support you can get as you go for your programs. Brain Chip (T400 Memory Diamond to a lesser extent) is obviously important for maintaining a decent hand size in the face of all the potential brain damage coming your way and to take full advantage of Safety First's draw ability every turn. This means running early and often even without the mandatory Always Be Running directive; hopefully these runs will be Dirty Laundry ones or Jailbreaks and get you the necessary agenda points. Logic Bombs typically do a lot of work in the early game to help secure these early steals but they are also great tech to hold onto in the mid-game after you have your rig set up to break ICE. It's a great feeling to use your Adjusted Matrix clicks to break your way in and still have the Logic Bomb safety valve (especially when Find the Truth is telling you to use your Mad Dash.)

Your rig results will vary. Icebreaker selection is really in service of Adjusted Matrix so nothing outstanding in that department: Aumakua is our best breaker and Marjanah/Mayfly are really just hosts for the hardware. Revolver has been a new addition and its effect has been mild so far, but I like it as a cheap sentry option. Emergent Creativity is your best friend here, aiming to either get Aumakua out early or go hunting for Adjusted Matrix when you're ready. The hope is that between that search option and consistent draw from Safety First, you will find your pieces before the game gets out of hand. If brain damage is threatening your health, don't be afraid to Independent Thinking away your Safety First to extend your life a bit longer.

After some mild success, I reduced the number of Liberated Chela down to one. Being able to turn that one-point agenda into a two-pointer seems small but it's not nothing, especially when its game point and the Corp is forced to forfeit to stay in it. The dream is to eat a News Team and Liberate it, but that's not something to count on; neither is the Kasi String theory which has also been reduced from original build. You won't use Algernon every turn, but it's just helpful enough to warrant keeping it around.

All in all, I've had a lot of fun with this deck. It wins more than it probably should and has been my favorite Adam build I've played. Take it for a spin and let me know what you think!

3 Jun 2022 muldr

I can vouch for how tough this deck can be. A really cool take on Adam and when it is rolling, it can lock down just about any server...except if there is a fully advanced Hortum :-) One early steal can really get the engine running easily. Def worth a spin.

3 Jun 2022 grimgravyboat

@muldr Hehe HORTUM!!! AHHH! Technically a Logic Bomb will get you round that, but that's a horrible game plan. To supply an answer to Hortum: drop the Revolver and add an Abagnale and Mimic.